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Moonshine Part of the Plot

I’m having so much fun revising the first draft of Life and Death in Narrow Creek, the second in my series of Ms. Dee Ann cozy mysteries. (Side note: I’m hoping to have the first book, Ms. Dee Ann Meets … Continue reading

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Lessons to be Learned from Nature

Often on Sunday as I’m getting ready for church, I watch the CBS Morning News hosted by Jane Pauley. After an hour and a half of stories and editorials, each show ends with beautiful, soothing shots of nature. There’s no dialogue, no commentary during those couple of … Continue reading

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Questions for Rocky Mount City Council

I’m trying really hard to keep on the sunny side of my Rocky Mount life (see my last entry). I’d intended to post cheerful book reviews today of what I’ve recently read. But my thoughts about Where the Crawdads Sing … Continue reading

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