The Roads Not Taken (at least for a while)

If ever I wrote a column for the Telegram where I wished I could add pictures, it was the recent one about all the road construction underway AT THE SAME TIME here in my hometown of Rocky Mount.

It was hard to describe how inconvenient and unpleasant it is these days for me to drive into town from my house in the burbs when the bridge I need to cross on Sunset Avenue, the main thoroughfare, is gone. Yep, completely demolished, so a higher one can be constructed to accommodate soon-to-be built extra lanes on the highway underneath.


Sunset Avenue minus the bridge


There’s a detour off Sunset that involves immediately crossing over two lanes of 50- miles-per-hour traffic in order to take a needed left-hand turn to get back on Sunset on the other side of the missing bridge. Not for the faint of heart.  No picture available of this stunt, as I value my life and therefore couldn’t slow down to snap a shot.

I’ve switched to using Hunter Hill Road as my alternate downtown avenue, but construction is underway there as well as new lanes are being added. The stop/slow sign guy is on duty, which makes travel a little safer than Sunset Avenue detours, but the area looks like a war zone.  Hulking machinery, orange cones, torn-up roadside.


The sights on Hunter Hill Road


My husband has also been traveling Hunter Hill Road to get to and from his downtown office. Then for a few days recently, our section of Halifax Road, which he used to get to Hunter Hill, was closed for road repairs.  Aargh!  “Guess I’ll just quit work,” he said.

Road projects on several main avenues at the same time are a headache for sure. But I guess I need to quit griping and just be glad my hometown is getting its share of highway funds.  One day, the projects will be finished, like this section of Country Club Road, where traffic can now zip along a four-lane highway.  A bonus after this road was widened:  the speed limit was raised to 45 from 35!


Smooth sailing these days at 45 mph


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