The Doggone Truth about Dogs and Me

I was watching an episode of “48 Hours Mystery” the other night where a woman goes missing—often a theme on this program now that I think about it. Anyway, the question was whether this 50-year-old wife got tired of her husband/life and decided to start over incognito somewhere new, or whether the husband killed her and got rid of the body.

One big piece of evidence supporting the husband-done-it theory was that this woman would never have left her dogs. Yep, along with all her worldly possessions, the woman’s three doggies were still in the house.  “Those dogs were her children,” said more than one person.

Hmmm.  For me, three dogs in the house would be the REASON I left home.  Three drooling, shedding, shredding dogs would drive me over the edge.  I’d be hightailing it out of any house I’d have to share with that many canines.

Yep, in case you haven’t guessed by now or read my most recent column,   I’m not a dog lover.

Please don’t send me any hate mail if you are. I know already:  you love your pooches and I must be a maladjusted, cold-hearted person who’s missing one of the finer things in life by not adoring dogs.

To me, dogs are work. There’s all that feeding, grooming, cleaning up after, and taking to the vet stuff.  What are the rewards?  Slobbery nuzzles?  A shedding body on the bed next to you?  Paws that pick your clothes when you’re greeted?  No thank you.

My youngest daughter doesn’t feel this way. Recently, my husband and I were asked to dog-sit her 40-pound, one-year-old Golden Retriever, the second big dog she’s had since college.  We accommodated her request (me reluctantly) and had a week of big dog around the house.

IMG_1003To end this blog on a positive note and to throw all you dog lovers a bone, I will admit that my grandsons had a great time playing with the pooch.








And she might have earned her keep just a tad bit by temporarily chasing away all those pesky squirrels that insist on digging holes in my pine straw.


Oh, and the “48 Hours Mystery” case? Murder charges against the husband have been dismissed twice due to lack of evidence, although no one has heard from his dog-loving wife.



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4 Responses to The Doggone Truth about Dogs and Me

  1. This is so great. I LOVE the southern voice that shines through in a Patsy P piece. Wait until everybody reads the Cozy Mystery series she is working on. Full of good humor and insight into ordinary lives that get themselves into extraordinary circumstances. I think I stand with Patsy, admiring from afar, other dogs that I don’t have to clean up after. As for the mystery, she left the dogs knowing her husband would finally pay for the life she was running away swilling sacrifice the dogs left behind to get even.


  2. patsypridgen says:

    Thanks for reading, Stepheny. I’ve been enjoying your library blogs on the A to Z challenge!


  3. Marilyn says:

    You make me laugh Patsy. I see that precious grandchild and the grand dog that looks like our grand dog . Yes they shed …we had our grandson too…as a dog lover the mess we can clean up, the sweet face brings me so much Joy and the grandson too…we don’t have a squirrel chaser but she wants to chase all the blooming geese we have but she is too afraid. I also laughed at the deer antlers and think you must have a million of them by now


  4. patsypridgen says:

    Yes, these grandsons are precious, especially to those of us who had only daughters. And you’re right, I do have quite a few sets of deer antlers, enough that I use them to decorate the patio table. You can’t tell from the picture, but those blooming squirrels have gnawed on them so much the tips are razor sharp, Hope all is well in Florida!


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