Quiz Time

This post is intended for critical thinkers. Warning: there are no pictures.

Recently, I attended a three-day writing workshop on the campus of NC State. (Click here to read the column I wrote about my Friday morning parking woes: http://www.rockymounttelegram.com/Patsy-Pridgen/2018/08/12/Campus-parking-poses-a-problem.html

Each participant was asked to submit a writing sample for others to critique. I sent in the beginning of Chapter One from my novel in progress, Life and Death in Narrow Creek.

In the section provided below, part of what I submitted, one astute reader found a content error (not grammar, spelling, or any other mechanics, but something in the story itself). See if you can find what’s wrong.

Post your answer if you don’t mind. I guess it goes without saying that if you want to find the error yourself, you shouldn’t read the responses (if any) before reading the excerpt. I’m curious to see how many people pick up on the mistake.

Chapter 1

My hand-me-down Electrolux was certainly keeping a fuss, as my grandma used to say. Three-year-old Heather, her blonde curls bent over a coloring book, dropped a fat red crayon and clapped her hands over her ears.

“Too much noise!” she shouted. I had to laugh hearing the exact words I often said to her when she ran around the apartment squealing, delighted to be chased by her silly daddy. Her silly daddy and my husband, Joe Bulluck, who on this crisp Saturday morning in October was not at home with us but rather forty miles away in the woods hunting deer.

I cut off the ancient vacuum cleaner I’d bought at the Salvation Army thrift store. It wasn’t working all that well anyway, but I couldn’t splurge on a new one. Joe and I were still in the early years of our marriage and although I’d finally gone to work full-time so that we were now a two-income family, neither of us made a lot of money. …


Did you find it?

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3 Responses to Quiz Time

  1. Steve Williams says:

    Is it: A hand-me-down is usually from a family member or friend, and something you would get at the Salvation Army? Lus, a hand-me-down is an item you , usually, do not purchase.


  2. patsypridgen says:

    That’s it, Steve. You’re the first response. If I had a prize, you’d get it!


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