Easy Halloween Decorating

Remember when all we used to do to decorate for Halloween was carve a pumpkin the day of, stick it on the porch, and then wait for the trick or treaters? That’s considered pretty lame in today’s contest to have the most elaborate, spookiest decorations in the neighborhood.

People go all out now. Huge inflatable witches, ghosts, and goblins bounce around on the lawn. Ghouls hang from trees. Fake cemeteries spring up in yards. Stuff that no doubt requires money and time to assemble.

My witch’s hat is off to these folks. Go for it. I love to see people have fun with Halloween. But I’ve never been one to go overboard for the holiday. (I save my mania for Christmas.)

I keep Halloween simple and cheap. Here’s how.

A few years ago, I found a small tree limb in the yard, brought it in the house, and added one strand of tiny orange lights from Lowe’s, creating a Halloween tree. The next year, I added some orange spider webby stuff. This year, I’ve also hung some white plastic skeletons and a couple of art projects the grandsons made one afternoon (the mummy and the pumpkin).

Halloween tree

When Halloween is over, I simply carry the entire tree in its trashcan stand back to the attic, leaving the lights and the webby stuff on it.

My mantle is part fall, part Halloween. The black cat and the black mesh will come down November 1, and I’ll add more silk fall leaves and maybe some real gourds that will stay through Thanksgiving.


halloween mantle

I have a spider theme going on in the foyer. A drape with a trail of spiders filing down the handrail, and spider eyeballs hanging from the door jam. Easy peasy to assemble from year to year. Oh, and notice how I’m getting some use out of a spider Beanie Baby left over from the 90’s collector crazestaircase.                 spiders A couple of years ago, I bought a large skeleton when it was super marked down after Halloween. All year, he hangs out in the back of a downstairs closet until All Hallows’ Eve when his hanging out is transferred to my front door.


mummyThere you have it. Simple, cheap, and spooky (maybe).




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