A Kid Goes Fishing

It’s a place called Fishing Creek. The name fits since Grandson Charlie, age eight, loves to throw out a hook there. Recently, he caught a big bass in its rain-muddied waters on a late Sunday afternoon.

Charlie with his bass

Yeah, I know this picture is huge, but so is Charlie’s smile. Just this summer, he’s discovered the joy of fishing. He’s as hooked as this fish. I’m delighted that he’ll pause the Minecraft and Fortnite to go outdoors. For right now, there’s nothing he’d rather do than fish even though he insists on throwing  back everything he catches. Yep, even this bass that his grandma would love to have had for supper.

The above bass is not the first one he snagged at Fishing Creek. A few days earlier, he’d pulled in an equally large one only to have it escape before he could quite land it. To say he was upset would be an understatement. Eight-year-olds don’t always deal well with disappointment.

But Charlie learned a few lessons that day: Wanting something to happen doesn’t mean it will. Even attempting something doesn’t always guarantee success. Oh, and always be prepared.

If he’d had a net that day, the fish could possibly have been hauled in. From now on, when my husband takes him fishing, my dad’s old net (recently repaired by me) will be on hand.


Charlie also learned the value of perseverance although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know the word. He lost a big bass on Wednesday and then caught a big bass at the same spot on Sunday. He had to try again. He had to wait four whole days for the gratification of catching a fish.

Video game gratification comes instantly. I’m glad he’s learning to be patient. And to try again. And to appreciate the great outdoors.

Charlie and his dad get a lot of their fishing equipment at a place called Nash Rod & Reel.


Charlie calls it Ray’s, after the name of the owner, Ray Matthews. Inside the shop, there’s a bulletin board where kids can post pictures of themselves with their big catches. It’s been Charlie’s goal in life to have his picture on Ray’s board.

Ray's Board

His granddaddy took his picture, the one I led with today, and I had it printed. I thought he’d want to rush right down to Ray’s and pin it on the board.

Not so fast, Grandma. Seems there’s a picture of a large catfish Charlie caught that’s in contention for a spot on the board. Charlie’s got to mull over which to put up. I had to listen to the merits of each, how hard a catfish is to catch versus a bass, what a catfish looks like versus a bass, etc. etc.

The catfish picture or the bass one? It’s a big decision. Something to think about other than video games.




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4 Responses to A Kid Goes Fishing

  1. Virginia Haden says:

    Enjoyed this brings back memories of when my boys were young and loved fishing. Their interest continues today, fishing over golf.


  2. Julie Lee says:

    Great story! I always enjoy reading about
    The kids’ adventures 😊 and you are a wonderful storyteller.


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