Speaking Out for the Silent Majority

I have never “felt the Bern.” But neither do I own a “Make America Great Again” hat. In other words, I’m not far left or far right. I’m a moderate, one who seeks the middle ground. And I suspect there are a lot of Americans just like me.

crab shcack flag

We’re what’s been labeled the Silent Majority. We’re not the ones shouting at our friends on Facebook when they express strong liberal or extreme conservative political opinions we don’t agree with. It’s not worth the argument. These folks will not change their minds, and often, they’re just spoiling for a fight. We choose not to take the bait.

Instead, we scroll past and look for the happy posts, the ones about family and vacations and what’s growing in the yard.

Which is not to say we don’t care. We love our country and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. Come Election Day, many of us will vote, usually choosing someone we consider not the perfect candidate but the best option.

Saturday, we’ll celebrate the Fourth of July, probably without official fireworks this coronavirus year but still with plenty of pride. We’re patriots; we’re just not so loud about it.

pinwheel flags


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2 Responses to Speaking Out for the Silent Majority

  1. Barbara Raynor says:

    The only time it is dangerous to be a middle of the road kind of person is when you are driving. I am with you Patsy. There is nothing wrong with moderation in all things. 😀 I just pray, study God’s Word and try to seek His perfect will, discernment and wisdom in all that I do. Some days I do better than other days, but I just keep trying, because I know He still loves me no matter what.That is why it is called “amazing grace.”❤️


  2. patsypridgen says:

    Yes, I am constantly reminding myself to let go and let God. There are so many things beyond our control. Thanks for responding, especially here on the blog site!


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