Decorating Early This Year

My daughters think I’ve lost my mind. It’s December 1, and my house is already glitzed up for Christmas. Have you decorated early this year, too?

I’ve always been old school about decking the halls. I usually put up my trees (yes, I have two) around the second weekend in December and don’t take them down until the first of January. This year, I turned the decorating calendar back a couple of weeks. Maybe it’s a COVID thing. After all these gloomy months, we’re all craving some fun, right?  And what’s more delightful than a house full of Christmas cheer?

Decorating isn’t that hard when I leave notes in the bags and boxes of decorations to remind myself of what goes where. For example, the downstairs banister greenery is labeled as such, so I’ll know it doesn’t go on the upstairs banister.

These stockings have always hung from a mantle wherever I’ve lived (four different houses in three different towns). It doesn’t matter that the little girls grew into big girls, then teenagers, and now adults. Come Christmas, they’re always my wide-eyed toddlers. At least in my memories.

Is it over-decorating when you hang a wreath inside the house? Maybe, but I like looking at this reminder of Christmas every time I go in my office.

Christmas balls aren’t only for the trees at my house. Using them in glass trophies is a fast way to add some seasonal color to the bookcase. And these ornaments can be one of the cheapest ways to decorate.

Decorating the front of the house is mostly for neighbors and those driving by. My back yard decorations are just for me, though. I can see this gazebo from the window above my kitchen sink, where I spend a fair amount of time, so why not hang a wreath and put out a couple of those $5.00 Walmart all-weather pillows I bought last season?

The only decorating I have left to do is string the outside lights on the two big shrubs that flank my front doorsteps and arrange the flood lights that illuminate the wreath on the front entrance.

Oh, and unpack and arrange the Department 56 New England Village, which, I admit, is a chore. I’ll get to that one day next week–maybe. Right now, I’m too busy congratulating myself on my early Christmas decorating.

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2 Responses to Decorating Early This Year

  1. Steve Williams says:

    They would REALLY have a stroke at our house, when Sarah was completely decorated by the second week in November. When I was still working, she decorated after Thanksgiving , around the second week in December, or so. But, since I have retired, I love it decorated early so I can enjoy all the decorations longer, I find myself walking around spending more time looking at the Christmas tree ornaments, especially the ones made by our children when they were young, the ones made by our grandchildren, and the ones collected during our travels. I like admiriring Sarah’s Fireplace mantels, and I especially like stopping to study, in detail, her Raz elves.


  2. Paige Davis says:

    Not sure how many pieces of Dept 56 you have but Joyce Honeycutt used to have hers displayed all year on like 4 very nice bookshelves she acquired years ago and had gotten thick styrofoam sheets and cut them to fit on shelves and had trimmed outer edges at an angle and also had all the stuff that looked like snow and had it all arranged beautifully year long!!! Anyway it got to be too many to pack and unpack every year. Hers was quite beautiful!


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