Marching into March

I got home from a four-day trip to the beach and was greeted by a burst of spring in my Rocky Mount backyard. While I was away, the calendar flipped to March, the weather was mild, and these daffodils decided to show their sunny faces. I’ll have to check to see if the forsythia is blooming in the side yard. It can’t be far behind.

Covid Anniversary

It’s been just about a year now since the coronavirus epidemic began. Only a year? Ask anyone whose children have spent the last months learning primarily through Zoom. They’ll likely tell you it’s seemed like forever. In fact, it’s been a long haul for everyone.

On a positive personal note, in two days I’ll get my second Moderna vaccine. I’m in the 65 and older group, which, as you probably know, puts me in a high priority category. Sometimes it pays to be an old lady!

I can’t wait to get the final “stamp” on my vaccination card. It’s crazy how excited I am about a shot, something I usually dread. Oh, I’ll still mask up and keep my distance, but I’m looking forward to that feeling of protection provided by the vaccine.

My Wedding Anniversary

My four-day trip to the beach (mentioned above) was to celebrate my 44th wedding anniversary. On February 27, 1977, at the ripe old age of 23, I said “I do” to a guy I’d been dating since high school (with a couple of minor breakups here and there). Marrying this fellow was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Although we are polar opposites in many ways, we share fundamental beliefs about major stuff, like childrearing and right and wrong. 

Fun Facts: Jimmy Carter was president when we got married. Elvis died in August of that year. Gas was around 60 cents a gallon. My new husband’s annual  salary as a collector at a finance company was less than $10,000. My part-time graduate school salary was slightly better than minimum wage, $2.30 per hour. 

Don’t be too harsh when you judge our “then” and “now” pictures. Over the last 44 years, we’ve lived in  eight different houses in three different towns, raised three daughters, built a business (him), taught English (me), and buried three of our four parents.

We’ve seen a lot of life. We’ve been blessed in many ways, and I don’t take that for granted.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I wish you all the luck of the Irish. Brighter days, weather-wise and otherwise–are sure to be just around the corner.

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! That is wonderful.


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