My Rocky Mount Life: Part Seven

If you’re a resident of Rocky Mount, North Carolina who’s been reading this recent series of what’s good about living within the city limits, have you thought of something yourself? One reader has, and I’ll share her contribution in this post. As usual, I’ve got a few ideas myself. Read on for today’s list of five reasons why life is sweet in “The Mount.”

#1. My Harris Teeter

I wasn’t always a city girl. I grew up in Edgecombe County, halfway between Rocky Mount and Pinetops. Going to town, usually the bigger Rocky Mount, required planning. There was no dashing to the market to pick up something for supper, unless you counted the local country store with its limited selections and often higher prices.

So to me, a BIG advantage of living in the city limits of Rocky Mount is convenience. I’m now only a few short minutes away from my local Harris Teeter. Rotisserie chicken for dinner, anyone?

#2. Boice-Willis Clinic at 91 Enterprise Drive

While I’m on the subject of convenience, living in the city limits of Rocky Mount means I’m only a few minutes away from my doctors, dentist, and–if needed and I hope it isn’t–Nash General Hospital.

Just in the last month, I went for my blood work and annual physical at this recently-built satellite location of Boice Willis Clinic on 91 Enterprise Drive. I left my house twenty minutes before my appointment, had plenty of time to find an easy parking spot, and was still early.

#3. Ichiban Japanese Steak House

My oldest grandson (age 13), often picks Ichiban when I offer to treat him to lunch. I totally agree with his choice. This Japanese restaurant has been in Rocky Mount for quite a few years, serving a “chef show” along with the traditional wok-style meal.

At lunch, it’s hard to choose between the salad with ginger dressing or Ichiban’s broth soup; the chicken or the shrimp or the steak for the meat entrée; the delicious sweet carrots or the onions and zucchini to accompany that meat. Of course, you can get it all and then have leftovers to carry home for another meal!

There’s also an extensive sushi menu for those who like their seafood raw.

#4. Best Friend’s Dog Park

Not being a dog owner (or lover, if you want to know the truth), Rocky Mount’s Dog Park is not something I had thought about including on a list of what’s good about life in Rocky Mount.

But long-time city resident Barbara Nuckols has this to say for those of you who appreciate a place within the city limits for your pooch to play:

“The Best Friend’s Dog Park…is located where Riverside Apartments were before Hurricane Floyd destroyed them. There are three separate fenced-in sections: one for small dogs, one for agile, and one for all dogs. Benches and tables are provided for pet parents. There is water for pets in little swimming pools….

“I’ve been out there when there are multiple dogs playing in all three areas. Some people take their dogs there after work. The same dogs and parents frequent the park so you can make new friends as you watch the dogs play.

“There’s a double-gated entrance area where parents can safely release their dogs without worrying they will run away.”

It’s me again. Thank you for that detailed description, Barbara. It almost makes me want to be a dog owner just so I can take a pet to this park.

#5. The Picnic Tables at Sunset Park

Barbara Nuckols also mentioned the pavilion area across from the tennis courts at Sunset Park. Three large covered picnic areas with multiple tables lend themselves to all types of outdoor celebrations. Church services are also held there. When I attended West Haven Presbyterian, the congregation met at the largest shelter once every fall for a Sunday worship service followed by a catered barbecue meal.

The picnic shelters are only one of the features at Sunset Park; I’ll cover more in future postings. Again, if you have something you love about Rocky Mount that I haven’t mentioned, send me some information. I’ll go take the picture!

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