Waiting…and Waiting for Fall

Where is fall, y’all? Today is October 1, and I’m still sitting here in shorts and flip flops with the AC running. I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that September now seems to be a summer month in eastern North Carolina. But October?

I mean, just look at these projected temperatures for the next few days. Thursday, when East Carolina plays a home football game, it’s going to be 96 degrees. In October! Thankfully, game time isn’t until 8 p.m., so maybe it will have cooled down to the 80’s when I’m there by kickoff. It’s sad I’ve come to consider that comfortable.

Inland 7-Day Forecast

I do see in this forecast the promise of a couple of mid 70s degree days on the weekend. But will it be safe to finally buy and plant some of these beautiful pansies from Lowe’s?

pansies at Lowe's

Most of my potted begonias are begging to be replaced. This last round of hot dry weather has done them in. Full disclosure: I’m not always good about watering stuff.

dead begonias

If I’m looking for a silver lining in these never-ending dog days of summer, it’s that my okra crop continues to flourish. I’m even still getting a cucumber or two every other day.

fall okra crop

Of course, my husband and I can eat only so much okra. And I’ve given it away to anyone who’d take it. I guess I’ll freeze a few more bags. Who knew okra could be so prolific? It’s almost like zucchini.

Although the current temperatures don’t feel like fall, I cheer myself up by noting signs that the season is coming. For one thing, the days are getting longer. I took this photo in my backyard at 6:45 this morning when it was still a little dark.

outside early morning

And I’m slowly inviting fall indoors. Harris Teeter has some lovely gourds and pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. So far, I’ve bought small ones for my kitchen windowsill.

gourds in window

I have to hold on maybe a few more days, another week? I have to believe Eastern North Carolina is not the new Florida! WE WILL HAVE FALL with chilly temps, colorful leaves, boiled peanuts, mums …and pansies.

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2 Responses to Waiting…and Waiting for Fall

  1. Debbie Lee says:

    My English 111 students and I were talking about this very topic this morning. The writing prompt was is it fall in eastern North Carolina yet? The consensus was no!


  2. patsypridgen says:

    We can’t believe the calendar, can we, when we step outside into the same old summer heat and humidity!


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