Write a Review? Please?

Thanks to all who’ve purchased a copy of my debut novel Ms. Dee Ann Meets Murder from Amazon or locally at Bailey’s Jewelry or Almand’s Drug. I appreciate your support.

Alamnds display

My novel for sale at Almand’s Drug Store in Westridge Village, Rocky Mount, NC

But now I’m asking another favor. If you’ve finished the book (and if you haven’t, why not? :), could you please take a few minutes and write a review on Amazon? It doesn’t have to be anything long or book reportish. You don’t need to summarize what happens. In fact, don’t tell the reader whodunit!

Just talk about how you feel about Ms. Dee Ann Meets Murder. Could you relate to the book in any way? Did you like the characters, the setting, the story? Would you recommend it? (I’m holding my breath that the answer here is “yes.”)

It’s easy to post a review on Amazon. Simply find Ms. Dee Ann Meets Murder on Amazon.com (you can use the link above). Click on the number/ratings beside the stars which takes you to customer reviews. Scroll to the bottom, and click Write a customer review. And then write something.

Here’s part of what alert reader Debra F. Lee wrote in a review:

“Being from Eastern North Carolina myself, I enjoyed this intriguing “whodunit” page-turner from page one all the way to the surprising twist of the ending. One of the many things I enjoyed about the book is its down-home language and feel. I’ve heard this kind of story called a “cozy” mystery, and it lives up to that name. The author not only makes references to the Eastern North Carolina setting that takes me back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, but also to the national issues of the time, such as the women’s movement and surreptitious racism. The story had me laughing one minute and appalled the next….”

Thank you, Debra F. Lee. Thanks also to Sunshine, Linda, and DPB, my other three reviewers so far.

Reviews are important for the success of a book, I’ve been told by those in the book-selling business. So if you’re not one of the above four people and you’ve read Ms. Dee Ann Meets Murder, please, pretty please, post a review.

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