Done with the Landline

Do you still have a landline in your home? With the number of telemarketing  and political calls I’m getting on mine, I’m seriously thinking of pulling the plug and throwing all five extensions in the trash.

I’d have junked my house phones a long time ago if I were paying to use them. Somehow, my landline service is a free part of my $200 plus cable bill each month, or so I’ve been told by Suddenlink. Thus, I’ve kept these Panasonic beauties. My central station is this counter in the kitchen,  complete with an answering machine.

Every legitimate call I get lately, one from a person I actually know, is outweighed by at least a dozen that are spam. Telemarketers wanting to extend my car’s warranty, sell me supplemental health insurance, or talk me into voting for a candidate. I get robo calls that actually show up on my phone labeled as such.

I don’t answer most of these calls (occasionally I’m fooled by the use of a local number I think I recognize), but still the ringing of the phone interrupts my day. If I’m cooking, I have to dry my hands or turn back the heat on the stove to go look at the phone and see who’s calling. Or if I’m just getting out of the shower, I have to grab a robe and run with dripping hair to see if I need to pick up.

I really should unplug this phone in my bedroom, which has been known to interrupt my afternoon naps!

Yes, I have a cell phone, and I’m getting much better about keeping it close by rather than forgotten in a pocketbook stashed in an upstairs closet. Most young people stay in touch nicely with only a cell phone, so it can be done.

But my landline and I go way back, maybe another reason I’ve been reluctant to let go. I still have my harvest gold rotary dial model stored in the attic. I remember the two houses where it hung in the kitchen. Gosh, it even has an O for operator. When was the last time I dialed anyone for assistance? Do telephone operators still exist?

I know my phone number is on display in the above picture, written on a round sticky label by me years ago when lots of phones displayed their number.

Please don’t give it to someone trying to sell me anything or persuade me to vote a certain way. Of course, the way I’m feeling right now, it may be only a matter of days before anyone calling will hear, “I’m sorry; the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”



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1 Response to Done with the Landline

  1. Sarah says:

    Peggy Daughtridge turned off the ringer(s) and her voice message says they have stopped answering this phone. Leave a message, which they check, but call their cell phones if you are a friend or loved one.

    I am tempted to try this!

    Sarah Keep Mama Happy!

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